Why do you photograph homes with the lights turned off?

The yellow cast of interior lighting in most homes may create a warm, cozy feeling for people living there, but it does not produce clean, crisp photos desirable for real estate listings. Natural sunlight coming in through windows produces beautiful light, and I prefer to work with that light whenever possible. Also, I photograph homes during the day when you don't expect lights to be turned on. Check out a shelter magazine, such as Architectural Digest, Dwell, Better Homes and Gardens, or even HGTV Magazine. The majority of lighting is turned off.  It's a great look!

What if a room is very dark, especially if the lights are turned off?

I use a long exposure (sometimes as long as 30 seconds) to create a bright image even in extremely dark rooms.

What about cloudy days? I don't want the interiors to look dreary.

Again, a long exposure easily mitigates low light levels, plus the light on cloudy days is soft and beautiful!

What do you do about rain/snow during a photo session?

If it is misting, I can still photograph the exterior. If we have a downpour or it is snowing, I will photograph the interior and return as soon as possible to photograph the exterior, at no additional charge.

How do you handle exterior photos on a cloudy day?

If the skies are overcast, I replace them with blue skies as a part of my editing process.  See the example below.

Tap left and right to move the slider.

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